Deputy API is a REST oriented service designed to be completely open and easy to access. As a company we have invested very heavily into our API, so much so that our own apps work on the same API we are documenting here. You can inspect the browser XHR logs to see all kinds of API requests that are executed. You can even test the API calls in your browser console without having to write any external app or use a third party tool.

Must know

  • Every Deputy customer runs on their own subdomain.
  • API endpoint is your deputy subdomain. When you log into Deputy you will see the browser url (eg
  • Authentication is done with parmanent tokens or OAuth v2.0
  • Returned data is always JSON
  • All POST data must be JSON string.
  • You will get maximum of 500 records when you do open ended queries (or any other query for that matter).
  • We use CamelCase for all API Object variables.
  • Deputy has Enterprise version! There are additional objects available for Deputy Enterprise that you will not get in our online signup version. However, the object attributes and API calls are the same in both versions.

API Versioning

Currently we are running v1 of our api. You will see all queries are going to /api/v1. We will continuously keep adding to our v1 of the API. On major changes and upgrades, the version will be incremented. At least 3 months notice will be given in our blog for decommissioning of old versions.


We do not have any API limits. We absolutely despise other products who place such limits. It's a statement in lack of confidence on one's infrastructure. However, abusers will be caught. We do have a very particular set of skills; skills we have acquired over a very long career; skills that make us a nightmare for people like abusers. If you abuse our API, we will look for you, we will find you, and we will IPban you!

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