Getting Started with Deputy - Guide for Employees

Activating Your Deputy Account

If you have already received an email invitation from Deputy, and logged in, you can skip this bit! Go straight to Making The Most of Deputy

You don’t need to sign up.

Your employer will set up a Deputy account and add your details. You’ll get an email invitation from Deputy and all you need to do is click to accept the invitation and go to Deputy. Once you have accepted the invite, you’ll get another email with your password and PIN. Don't delete this email, it might come in handy in future.

  • You can accept the invite email on your (internet connected) phone. You don’t need to use a computer

  • You can add/update your profile details at any time.

  • You can easily retrieve your password and/or PIN at any time if you forget. Here's how.

What if I don’t have an email address?

Deputy Kiosk users don’t NEED an email address (although it’s best if you do have one, so you can use Deputy’s awesome website and smartphone apps). Ask your employer for your PIN, or go to the Kiosk and select ‘forgot PIN’ - if you have been set up in Deputy, we will SMS your PIN.

What if I’m already using Deputy at another job?

You’ll still get an email invitation, and you'll need to accept it. You can access multiple workplaces from your Deputy account and easily switch between workplaces in the apps and on the website.

Making the Most of Deputy

Get the Smartphone App

After you have accepted your invite, find the Deputy App on your Apple or Android store. Download it and log in. You’ll easily figure it out how to use the app. If you can use Facebook, you can use Deputy.

The News Feed allows your team to share messages and photos (just like Facebook for work - without the cat videos).

Your ‘Me’ screen shows you all upcoming and available shifts, plus past timesheets.

You’ll get notifications when your schedule is published, and when open shifts are available. You can also request leave and advise of unavailability, plus much more.

Depending on how your employer has set up Deputy, you may be able to:
  • Confirm or decline shifts

  • Swap shifts with your colleagues

  • Offer shifts for your colleagues to pick up

Go to the Web for even more

You can use Deputy without ever having to log in on a desktop or tablet, but if you do, you’ll be able to:
  • Manage your profile

  • Connect Facebook and /or Google

  • Subscribe or unsubscribe to email notifications

  • Enter an emergency contact

  • Most importantly - upload a really cool profile photo!

Be like a Boss

If you have been set up as a Location Manager or Supervisor, you can:
  • Create and publish schedules

  • Approve timesheets

  • Find replacements for no-shows and broadcast a shift offer

  • Assign tasks

  • Post messages and photos and require confirmation that they have been read