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What Is Catering Employee Scheduling?

Catering Employee Scheduling is a system for scheduling an extremely flexible workforce to multiple, most likely constantly-changing, work sites for events such as weddings, graduation parties, birthdays, class reunions, anniversaries, school functions, and the like.

Often a catering company will have a large staff of part-time workers consisting of, but not limited to, wait staff, kitchen staff, bar staff and janitor crews. The staff may travel to different venues, work on site at a large banquet hall owned and operated by the catering company or even in food trucks on location.

Catering Employee Scheduling can be a very difficult process. Generally, there is a large staff list with varying availability that can change from one season to the next. Managing such a vast team can be very cumbersome without the correct Catering Employee Scheduling software.

The catering company must ensure they always have enough staff to manage multiple events at any given time. Peak times for catering companies often happen during wedding season, graduation season and more. Employee scheduling for catering must take into account availability, frequent and sudden turnover, class schedules and seasonal ups and downs in business. Often, catering companies try to manage all of this with paper or other outdated applications. In order for catering companies to be successful schedulers - and keep their millennial workforce happy - they must take advantage of software that puts employee availability, customer needs and communication in the hands of the employees and the fingertips of the management team.