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Hourly Employees? Easy Employee Scheduling and Time and Attendance (Clock In/Out)

What Is Entertainment Employee Scheduling?

Entertainment employee scheduling can be made more efficient with a software solution that can cope with the unusual work hours and shift requirements of businesses or organizations operating within the entertainment industry.

As many organizations within the entertainment industry operate according to seasonal cycles, they need highly-flexible employee scheduling solutions to scale up and down according to their needs.

For example, Deputy Entertainment Scheduling allows for better people-management during peak times, making it easy to add additional open shifts to the weekly roster, and to communicate these openings to non-scheduled employees to pick up. This can all be completed through a mobile software as a service (SaaS) product that allows schedule changes, updates, and other information to be communicated to an organisation’s workforce in real time.

The scheduling software helps automate many scheduling tasks in entertainment venues such as nightclubs, cabarets, discos and theatres, as well as production facilities for radio, television, theatre and film production.

The software manages the timesheets and time clock for hourly employees while allowing management to schedule shifts, track hours, approve paid time off (PTO), and approve pay for employees.