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Hourly Employees? Easy Employee Scheduling and Time and Attendance (Clock In/Out)

What Is Franchise Employee Scheduling?

Franchise employee scheduling is the scheduling of employees who work within a franchised business. Employees might be scheduled within individual franchisees or across multiple businesses and locations from the franchised company’s headquarters. Employee scheduling typically involves the creation of a weekly schedule that allocates shifts to employees on a daily basis. Scheduling is typically performed by a manager or supervisor. Once the schedule is created employees are notified of their upcoming shifts. Shifts are often moved or swapped between different employees and leave / availability needs to be taken into account when creating a schedule. A well-functioning employee scheduling program will increase visibility and control for managers in both individual franchise outlets and company-wide.  A franchise might use spreadsheet software, paper-based rosters or a computer program to manage scheduling of its workforce. In an effort to streamline the workforce management function many franchised businesses are now adopting cloud-based scheduling and workforce management platforms to streamline processes in these areas. Such platforms might include employee scheduling, time and attendance, tasking, communication and employee feedback tools.