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Hourly Employees? Easy Employee Scheduling and Time and Attendance (Clock In/Out)

What Is It Employee Scheduling?

IT employee scheduling solutions are designed to help organisations utilise digital platforms to better manage their human capital in charge of IT systems and equipment.

Typically, this can be done with software, but in some circumstances hardware can plays an important role too.

The ideal solution could use a combination of SaaS and hardware with full customization as each business has its own set of needs and own set of rules. Typical features of an IT scheduling solution include scheduling, timeclock and workforce/performance management. The solution should factor in existing schedules, weekly overtime rules, certifications and vacations. Eliminating errors in scheduling in turn cuts down on the amount of time people spend creating and updating the schedules. The solution should also be able to capture time and attendance via mobile devices or existing hardware in the business such as desktop computers.

Adding this feature to the solution typically helps calculate weekly hours for workers and cuts down on the time payroll spends making these calculations. More o advanced solutions factor in real-time employee performance metrics.

This might  be in the form of employee write ups (positive or negative) as well as training and certifications. All of this can be factored into the scheduling to ensure tasks are always assigned to most appropriate available worker.

Often, maintaining the schedule can be as challenging as creating it. The best solutions offer options for employees to switch shifts with other employees without having to involve management. Adding additional features like this can allow management to focus on their roles of developing employees and running the business instead of managing employees, say that call in sick. All of these features should be considered when choosing an IT scheduling platform.