Deputy Glossary

Hourly Employees? Easy Employee Scheduling and Time and Attendance (Clock In/Out)

What Is Law Enforcement Employee Scheduling?

Law enforcement employee scheduling refers specifically to the unique challenges for scheduling LEOs, including duty rotations, policy compliance, management of overtime, training certification, inventory maintenance and more. Given the risk and public responsibility inherent in the duties of a law enforcement officer it’s critical to ensure that all staff are fully compliant, rested and trained for their duties in the field. In today’s legal world, an LEO that is non-compliant or has been scheduled for duties they have not trained for can have unfortunate consequences  such as the loss of a conviction, or exposing  a precinct to a countersuit.

Systems like Deputy address this concern through automated warnings of overtime, expired training, availability, leave and more.

It’s critical for modern law enforcement to ensure that not only are their policies and gear up to date, but that their administrative processes meet this increased demand in a world where everyone has a camera in their pocket.