Deputy Glossary

Hourly Employees? Easy Employee Scheduling and Time and Attendance (Clock In/Out)

What Is Restaurant Employee Scheduling?

Restaurant employee scheduling software manages hourly and salary employees working in hospitality, s including management, servers, bartenders,, servers’ assistants, hosts and hostesses, as well as  kitchen staff. Deputy scheduling software helps manage shifts and time-off requests, while allowing for an easier flow of command and for smoother workforce processes.

Many factors need to considered when scheduling for a restaurant. These include

staff availability, training, certifications, time-off requests and others. Previously, the task of factoring in these sorts of details made scheduling a tedious process. Now, with workforce software hospitality managers can easily create workforce schedules that are streamlined and time efficient.

In Deputy, the employee profile builds into the schedule. If an employee is only trained to work as a server's assistant, then they cannot be scheduled for a head server shift. Digital workforce scheduling tracks an employee's availability, so as a manager you won't have to constantly search under endless sticky notes to find out when your lead bartender has requested time-off  for a vacation.

Deputy also allows employees to swap shifts with colleagues properly trained to replace them. This allows staff to make more effective use of their time, for instance by saving them the hassle of calling a list of employees from the break room.

Deputy scheduling software also factors in the weather, an important and constant consideration for any business in the hospitality industry.

Say your patio, deck or alfresco areas are being underutilised, Deputy incorporates up-to-date weather data to help with better planning for better bottom line results.

Employee scheduling systems work best when you can see a snapshot into your cost in labor. Deputy’s intelligent software system makes it easier to compare things like expected sales against  expected labor costs to help you manage your budgets.  Using a scheduling software, like Deputy, streamlines restaurant scheduling to become less of a daunting task.