Why Deputy triumphs over Employment Hero

  • Australia’s leading rostering & team management software
  • One platform, designed for shift workers
  • Control wage costs and profit margins
  • Flexible plans and payment options
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Used in 100+ countries
Supporting 355,000+ workplaces
Over 700 million shifts scheduled
Loved by 1.4 million shift workers

Deputy, the true hero
of workforce management software

deputy vs employment hero feature comparison
deputy vs employment hero feature comparison

Australia's leading scheduling software

Deputy vs Employment Hero:
Why Deputy wins

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Australia's Leading Software

Rostering & team management excellence

Designed for shift workers, our user-friendly platform is loved by staff. Advanced features make Deputy the workforce management leader, helping businesses be more efficient and profitable.

Optimise Labour Costs

Leverage sales data to build a better roster

Deputy pulls in real-time POS sales data, so you can build the smartest possible roster. Check key business trends like wage-to-sales data from a central dashboard.

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Connect & Communicate

Fast, effective communication across all your teams

Share clear communication across multiple departments or locations with News Feed messages and video announcements. Receive read notifications and get valuable team feedback after every shift.

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Run your teams remotely without missing a thing

Manage rosters, timesheets and team communication anywhere, on any device. Deputy is optimised for iPhone, iPad, Android, and desktop — employees seriously love our app.

100+ Intergrations

Integrate Deputy with the tools you love

Connect Deputy with your favourite payroll, POS and HR systems to save you time and provide the insights you need in one place.

Get started in less time than a coffee break.
We're here to make it easy.


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Help when you need it

To get up and running with Deputy, you can join our four-part live training series, hosted by product experts.

We also have a huge library of easy-to-follow help articles, and videos in our training library.

Our Customer Support team is available 24/7.
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Frequently asked questions

  • What are ‘all-in-one’ and 'best-of-breed' solutions?

    An 'all-in-one' solution can handle most of your business requirements, without necessarily specialising or offering the most optimal solution for a particular challenge.

    ‘Best-of-breed’ software is when more than one system is married together into a tech stack (a combination of separate software). These systems are considered the best product of their type so they do a better job at addressing the needs of the business.

  • Is it better to have an ‘all-in-one’ system?

    While ‘all-in-one’ systems offer advantages like a consistent user experience and easier integration, the most important consideration when selecting a tech solution, is whether it addresses the needs and challenges of your business. ‘All-in-one’ solutions attempt to cover all the needs of a business but often lack specialisation.

    'Best-of-breed' systems like Deputy effortlessly integrate with other systems like payroll, POS and HR, which means you're not locked in with one tech provider. They're highly specialised solutions, which are more agile in their feature development, scale with your business, and generally offer a better user experience.

  • Employment Hero have an all-in-one HR & Payroll solution, does Deputy?

    Employment Hero offer HR and Payroll in two separate platforms which have separate login screens, so it is not a true ‘all-in-one’ experience.

    Deputy is in one platform and integrates seamlessly to most payroll, POS and HR systems. Carefully choosing and integrating software like payroll, POS, and HR with Deputy, will mean they work together like one seamless system, each offering ‘best-of-breed’ quality.

  • Is Deputy better than Employment Hero?

    Employment Hero’s primary focus is desk workers, whereas Deputy is designed specifically to address the challenges of businesses employing shift workers — this focus has helped us become Australia’s leading rostering and team management software.

    Our rostering, time tracking, team communication and compliance features are ‘best-of-breed’. We now have Deputy HR to help businesses with hiring and onboarding great talent, and then the ongoing management of their documents, making it even easier for you to manage your team.

  • How do Deputy’s payment options differ to Employment Hero?

    Employment Hero has a minimum 12 month contract with no discount, where as Deputy  offers flexible month-to-month subscriptions, as well as annual subscriptions for our Premium plan (with a 20% discount).

  • What is the price difference between Deputy and Employment Hero?

    ‘All-in-one’ solutions like Employment Hero tend to be more expensive as they include features that your business may not need. For a business with $30 employees, the monthly cost for Employment Hero is $240 (Payroll + Rostering) or $600 (Payroll + Rostering + HR) compared to $300 for Deputy (Premium + HR).

  • What are Deputy and Employment Hero’s minimum costs?

    Deputy’s minimum cost is $25 per month which is considerably lower than Employment Hero — depending on the plan selected, Employment Hero’s minimum cost is between $60 - $120 per month.

  • Our group is growing, which solution will support expansion?

    Deputy has been designed to scale as our customer’s businesses grow, both in terms of functionality and performance. Deputy’s solution caters to small business all the way through to enterprise. Employment Hero does not offer a solution for large mid-market or enterprise customers.

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