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Watch our Shift Forward series for timely discussions with shift work experts and leaders from the hospitality and retail industries.

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Episode 1

Facilitating Feedback

While most shift workers feel supported by their managers, over two-thirds of shift workers still hold back in sharing their opinions at work at least some of the time.

Tune in to find out how to gather, understand, and implement employee feedback to keep your staff happy and your business future-ready.

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Episode 2

Workplace Wellbeing

Over 50% of staff want more of a focus on wellbeing at work, making it mission critical to your team — and your business’s — success.

While measuring wellness in the workplace can feel overwhelming, staff sentiment and performance indicators can take the guesswork out of building a happy, supported, and engaged team.

Wondering where to get started?

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Cultures of Inclusion

1 in 3 shift workers want their workplace to have a culture that actively promotes diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Wondering what the indicators of DEI&B — or the lack thereof — are in a workplace?

Tune in as we dive into strategies to prioritize diversity, equity, belonging, and inclusion for your staff, plus the benefits of making DEI&B a pillar of how your business operates.

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Career Development & Staffing Success

Over a third of shift workers have plans to move up at their workplace.

Is your business supporting staff learning and development? Offering growth opportunities will help your team achieve their career goals and give them more reason to stay part of your team.

Tune in for team-building insights from our guest experts.

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