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POS Integration

Also called demand scheduling, using POS data, Deputy forecasts the future down to a 15 min increment to help the business predict when they will be busy to adjust staffing accordingly


Custom Pay Conditions

Deputy can handle any pay condition including overtime, meal and rest break violations, minors, union specific conditions, Fair Work Week, and any other federal, state, and/or local jurisdictional rule


Scheduling Rules

Including unavailability, leave, preferred days and times, training, already working, overtime rules, and other custom rules


Large and Multi-Location Businesses

When a business is large enough to have districts and regions, Deputy solves for the complexity domestically and internationally

Biometric Clock in/out

Low cost, easy to setup kiosk using any Android or iOS tablet

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HR Data and Reporting

Secure employee records, custom HR workflows, on demand data and analytics, employee mobile app

Hiring and Onboarding

Applicant tracking, on/offboarding checklists, hiring mobile app, esignatures

Employee Experience and Performance

Performance management, employee satisfaction and well-being

Payroll and Benefits

Export timesheets from Deputy to BambooHR for a seamless payroll experience

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Featured Win of the Month

Nexim Healthcare

500 EEs

Closed in June! 😀 Deputy's McGavock Johnson and Bamboo's Teancum Piekarski worked together to close Nexim on two best-in-class solutions. Both sides presented a unified front and aligned sales cycle. They helped the prospect understand how Deputy and Bamboo can help remove a lot of the manual work that was being done .


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 Deputy is the ultimate, all-in-one workforce management solution that simplifies employee scheduling, timesheets, tasking, and communication.

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BambooHR takes the leg work out of HR by automating hiring, onboarding, and payroll. Our out-of-the-box solution makes HR easy and helps you operate beyond your normal capacity.

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