Take us with you, get $100

Going somewhere new?

If you are changing companies, introduce Deputy to your new workplace and earn a reward. If your new management signs up for a paid Deputy account using your referral link, you will each receive $100! Follow these steps to refer your new business.

Referral link must be used for signup to qualify.

  1. Share your referral link
    Share your unique referral link with your new employer, and tell them about your previous experience using Deputy.
  2. New business uses your referral link
    Have your new employer sign up for a free trial using your referral link. Referral link must be used for initial trial creation.
  3. Get paid!
    Once your new employer converts to a paying account and spends $30, we'll send each of you a $100 virtual gift card.

Referral link must be used for signup to qualify.

Where to find your referral link

You should have received your referral link via email shortly after being removed from your Deputy account. If have trouble finding your link, reach out to refer-a-friend@deputy.com for help.

Frequently asked questions

  • How do I make referrals?

    Share your referral link with your new management and have them sign up for a trial account using your referral link. Once your new management signs up for a paying Deputy account and reaches $30 in cumulative billing, you will each receive $100.

    Note: your referral link must be used for sign up to qualify for the reward.

  • When will I get my gift card?

    You'll receive your gift card within 30 days of the referred customers’ cumulative billings reaching AUD$30 (for Australian customers), GBP£30 (for United Kingdom based customers, or USD$30 (for United States customers). Should the customer be based in any other country or region, the cumulative invoice amount will be the equivalent of USD$30.

  • What types of gift cards are available?

    We use a company called Tremendous to process referral rewards. Gift card options range from cash cards, retail, travel, charity and more depending on location. A list of the full gift card catalog can be found at https://www.tremendous.com/catalog.

    Per our Terms and Conditions, rewards available are subject to change at any time.

  • How will I receive my giftcard?

    You’ll receive an email from a company called Tremendous with a virtual gift card and instructions on how you can redeem with a range of brands.

  • What currency will my gift card be in?

    Gift cards will be distributed electronically in the following regions in their local currency and with value of:

    Australia: AUD$100

    Canada: CAD$100

    New Zealand: NZD$100

    US: USD$100

    UK: GBP£75

    For users outside of those countries, a gift card equivalent to the value of $100 USD is available.

  • I need to speak to someone about my referral!

    Send an email to referafriend@deputy.com and we will get back to you shortly. To speak to someone from Deputy about a non-referral issue please contact our support team.

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