6 Part-Time Jobs College Students Love

Hunter Appleton

Hunter Appleton

August 22, 2019

6 Part-Time Jobs College Students Love

Hunter Appleton,
August 22, 2019

Whether you’re a freshman just starting college or a senior going into your final year, you might need to snag some extra cash while you’re in school.

There are tons of jobs available on or near campus that will give you the boost you need, without requiring much prior work experience. Ready to make some extra bucks? Read on to learn six part-time jobs available for college students. 

Part-time job #1: Mailroom attendant 

When you’re cramming for exams or dashing to attend a dorm party, you probably want a job that has flexible hours, decent pay, and doesn’t require intensive training. 

Students looking to score some extra cash love the laid-back feel of working for their campus mailroom. Tasks include sorting incoming mail, delivering to internal mailboxes, and adding postage to out-going mail. That sounds easy enough, right?

Part-time job #2: Front desk attendant 

Many college campuses have keycard access to get into dorms, but front desk attendants are hired as extra security. As an attendant, students sit at a front desk and check in guests, sign for packages, and answer questions about the building.

This job is perfect for college students who are looking to multitask while on shift. Since you won’t be on the move like a mailroom assistant, you’ll have an opportunity to catch up on other work. Not sure what you can do in your downtime? Study for exams, wrap up homework, or maybe even catch up on your favorite shows.

Part-time job #3: Resident Assistant

While there are limited positions on campus, one of the most sought after jobs is acting as a dorm’s Resident Assistant/Advisor (RA). As an RA, you live in the freshman dorm for the entire school year, supervising and advising residents on your floor. Some of your duties will include things like controlling the noise level on the floors, organizing social activities for the residents, and ensuring the safety of your residents in case of an emergency.

In exchange for their work, RA’s are offered free housing, which definitely comes in handy once the tuition bills come rolling in.  

Part-time job #4: Teacher’s assistant

It may sound strange for a college student to want to attend more classes, but students say that being a teacher’s assistant is one of the most interesting jobs to have on campus. 

The role of a TA is to help professors teach the course material to their class. That could mean holding extra seminars or even office hours to allow students to ask questions. 

The skills you learn while being a TA — patience, coaching, and professionalism —can be applied to many different fields. Take your experiences to evaluate your fellow peers, navigate your internships, and gain expertise in your favorite subject.

Part-time job #5: Barista

The one thing that keeps most college students going everyday? Coffee.

There’s likely a cafe on campus, but if not, there is definitely a coffee shop nearby. Working as a barista offers reasonable pay with flexible hours. When you apply, talk to the hiring manager about your class schedule. Most cafes will try to work with you to find a schedule that fits your needs. 

Bonus: You’ll learn what drives great customer service – and how to remain calm when your shop gets busy.

Part-time job #6: Campus tour guide

If you love your school — and love talking to people — a campus tour guide could be a great fit for you. 

No, you don’t have to go around singing your school’s alma mater song. But a campus tour guide shows prospective students and their parents around school. This job takes a lot of personality, admiration of your school, and knowledge about your campus history.  It also requires some skill in walking backwards.

Part-time job #6 ½ : Talk to your professors

Although technically this isn’t a job, it is a great way to find a job!

Professors often have job or study opportunities for students, ranging anywhere between psychological studies and internships. In addition, work study programs are also among the mix of possibilities. So it is definitely in your best interest to ask your professor about potential job opportunities in your field of study.

Love your hourly schedule

When you’re in college, you need a flexible work schedule. Find an employer who has an easy to use scheduling system that keeps you up to date on any last minute schedule changes.

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