ADP Integration for Cloud-Based Employee Sync and Payroll Capabilities

Imran Chowdhury

Imran Chowdhury

Product Manager

November 18, 2016

ADP Integration for Cloud-Based Employee Sync and Payroll Capabilities

Imran Chowdhury, Product Manager
November 18, 2016

Calling all ADP customers! Deputy is proud to announce our brand new, one of a kind over-the-air payroll integration with ADP, one of the world’s biggest payroll providers.  Deputy is the first and only product to give ADP customers fully integrated employee sync and payroll. Here are the major benefits to ADP users:

  • Employee Sync: When you hire new employees and onboard them in ADP their accounts can be automatically created in Deputy, eliminating double-entry and allowing you to get scheduling ASAP.
  • Payroll Integration: We can also save you time by automating overtime and allotment of hours to employees for easy payroll (it all happens via our new over the air integration with RUN Powered by ADP® and ADP Workforce Now®). Now you won’t need to download an excel or CSV file or make any manual adjustments!

So, why are these integrations for ADP important? Well, as a business owner you would otherwise spend more than half (55%) of your time on admin and non-revenue driving work (according to a 2016 survey conducted byHarris Interactive). So if you want more time for driving the business forward you’ll want to streamline your systems wherever possible. Our new integration will do just that: we can help you reduce admin time by up to 80 percent so you can get on with the real work of growing your business.

Previously ADP users needed to download a flat file (excel file or CSV file), then import it in manually into ADP’s system — now you can click a button and the new integration send the hours over-the-air. All types of overtime are automatically calculated based on the option you select when exporting. All you need to do is match the employees in Deputy and ADP using their payroll ID. To learn more about how it all works, check out our helpful training guide HERE.

New to Deputy?

Deputy makes leading employee scheduling and time and attendance technology that helps ADP customers run your businesses from your pockets with top of the line apps for iPhone®, iPad®, Apple Watch™, and Android mobile devices. For instance, employees can receive and manage their schedules straight from their mobile device, clock in and out for work with their photo, instantly get their tasks for the day, and securely review and acknowledge important business updates to stay engaged. And it’s all cleverly integrated with RUN Powered by ADP® and ADP Workforce Now®ADP Run Payroll platforms.

Interested in trying us out and getting synced with ADP?

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Imran Chowdhury
Imran is a Product Manager at Deputy. He is also known as the Deputy of Special Operations as he leads key internal projects and works closely with the product.

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