Essential Software Integrations You Can’t Do Without

Shauna Kenny

Shauna Kenny

Partner Marketing Lead

January 19, 2018

Essential Software Integrations You Can’t Do Without

Shauna Kenny, Partner Marketing Lead
January 19, 2018

Automating manual processes within your business can help you lighten your administrative workload and become more efficient. In this blog, we look at essential software integrations to save you time so you can do more important things – like grow your business!  

Accounting software

A 2017 survey of accountants and bookkeepers by Intuit Australia identified that 93% would prefer all of their small business clients to use accounting software. The survey found that disorganised finances could negatively impact the bottom line of small businesses and make them inefficient.

Accounting software can assist businesses to manage invoices, quotes, expenses, payroll, inventory, taxation and other related functions. It can help streamline your business finances, to keep more accurate records, and allows you to manage your accounts from anywhere there is an internet connection.

There is a wide range of cloud-based accounting software on the market, all with different features and pricing based on the size and needs of your business and budget. Xero, QuickBooks, MYOB, CloudPayroll and Sage are some accounting software examples that also integrate with Deputy.

Point of Sale (POS) software

Point of Sale (POS) software allows businesses to process and track sales, monitor and manage inventory, and have a detailed overview of their cash flow. Add-on devices, such as receipt printers, barcode scanners and credit card readers, also work in conjunction with most POS systems.

Many POS systems also have reporting functions that provide business owners with invaluable insights, such as sales data (i.e. bestsellers), seasonal trends and employee sales performance. This data provides an understanding of what is and isn’t selling, who is selling it, and when it is being sold.  

Most modern cloud-based POS systems are accessible, affordable and easy-to-use.  Square, for example, provides businesses that use their portable card reader with a free POS app. The app’s features include sales reporting, real-time inventory management, digital and printed receipts and invoices and manage employee permissions. Square, OrderMate and Vend are some of the POS systems that integrate with Deputy.

Rostering and timesheets

It’s time to ditch the Excel spreadsheet rosters and frantic call around every time a shift needs to be covered. Deputy simplifies rostering and timesheets and makes communicating with employees easy.

Deputy integrates with 35 applications and services so connecting and automating your business is seamless. Integrate your POS data and live weather feed with Deputy more accurate and responsive rosters, which are based on peak periods, sales and foot traffic history and weather forecasts. Deputy also gives business owners and managers the ability to create rosters costed to budget.

From accounts to rostering, introducing software integrations across your business can save you time and money, increase your efficiency, and improve the way you operate your business.

Find out how Deputy can take the hard work out of your small business administrative tasks, saving you time and leaving you free to focus on growing your business. Get in touch with our friendly team today on 1300 DEPUTY to learn more.

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