Social Business, the Engaged Employee, and the Cloud

Ashik Ahmed

Ashik Ahmed

CEO, CTO & Co-Founder

May 15, 2012

Social Business, the Engaged Employee, and the Cloud

Ashik Ahmed, CEO, CTO & Co-Founder
May 15, 2012

There is a ton of commentary streaming forth from business and digital analysts around the globe about the new world of Social Business and how companies going down this path will beat their rivals hands down.

The companies that adopt Social Business models and effectively engage with their employees will win, the commentators say.

We agree, because Deputy is a networked platform that allows everyone in a company to be in step with each other. We can see, by speaking to our thousands of users, that their work life has been radically improved by using social tools to communicate better with each other.

We use the power of cloud computing to run the onerous and time-consuming tasks of allocating jobs, getting staff to clock in and out, and making sure that daily procedures are done. We are doing Social Business.

So what is Social Business? Is it another hyped up buzzword, a fad, or a real trend? Does it help the business owner, senior managers, and the CEO? Can they make money out of it?

Some pundits define Social Business as companies that use networked platforms to connect people, processes, and systems in order to deliver the right information to the right people at the right time.

Our experience is that a socially networked business platform must have a number of traits to succeed.

  • A Social Business platform has to go to heart of the daily operations of the organisation, otherwise it is merely another technology plugin that everyone ignores.
  • The communication elements have to be easy to work with, and the user interface has to be clean and engaging.
  • No function should be more than two clicks away. It has to be quick and provide immediate and obvious value. Navigating around the web dashboard or platform must be intuitive for the manager and employee.
  • People must want to interact with the platform, just like the public social networks aim to introduce features that engage the user.
  • Every member of the company must feel they are participating in a platform that encourages them to use the platform to improve their work life.
  • If you execute some or all of those traits, your teams will be more productive. They will appreciate your company’s investment in communications technology that makes their work life less stressful and streamlined.

The value of creating a Social Business is that there is no downside to improving culture, communication, and spreading knowledge across your company. It is the ultimate nirvana of IT – providing tools and technologies that people really want to use, and feel empowered and motivated to do so.

And, of course, a Social Business platform has to be anywhere, anytime. So it has to run in the cloud computing world, and provide all the benefits that come with web-based on-demand IT.

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Ashik Ahmed
Ashik is the Co-Founder and CEO/CTO at Deputy. He spends most of his time thinking crazy things about Deputy and how it will change the world.

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