We Have A Winner! Congratulations Van Tran

Luke Targett

Luke Targett

Chief Marketing Officer

October 05, 2017

We Have A Winner! Congratulations Van Tran

Luke Targett, Chief Marketing Officer
October 05, 2017

Mama Tran loves Deputy.

Deputy is giving away $10,000 each month to any individual who refers the most new businesses*. The winner for this month takes home $10,000 for referring just one business – how easy is that?! There are still 3 months to sign up and win your share of AUD $40,000 – you need to be in it to win it, so go to our sign-up page and get started today.

If you were looking for a sign to get cracking and take part in our referral contest – this is it!

We have had an incredible start to the contest with lots of people signing up, and our lucky winner is walking away with $10,000 for referring just ONE business. Our winner slid into first place by a whisker: it literally came down to counting the number of employees between the first and second place contestants.

How can you win $10,000? It’s as simple as 1, 2, 3…

  1. Sign up to the competition here.
  2. Refer that friend/s business you have that would love Deputy as much as you do.
  3. Keep up to date on our leaderboard.


So with that:

Congratulations to Van Tran from Mama Tran Vietnamese restaurant in Perth who is taking the $10,000! His referred business won by a whisker – with just a handful more employees than our August runner up.


Mama Tran is a family owned business based in Western Australia. The Tran family arrived in Australia 30 years ago as refugees and worked hard every day to build their food business and repay their new homeland of Australia. Mama Tran is named in honour of the matriarch of the Tran family, Khuu Thi Gioi, who still watches over her brood till today. The recipes used to feed the Tran family for generations, are the same ones being served up in Mama Tran’s restaurants today.

When the first Mama Tran restaurant opened their doors a little over five years ago in the Perth CBD, their array of fresh, fast and healthy options being made at a competitive price point, saw their business off to a flying start – or in Van’s own words: “We were slammed from day one.”

While their immediate popularity was great for business, it meant that trying to keep up with adding new employees and juggling rosters had started to become a time-consuming chore.

“We started using spreadsheets to do all the rostering,” said Van. “It was really time consuming, taking at least an hour for every roster.”

When they made the switch over to Deputy, they noticed the difference straight away.

“It saves money in terms of time,” said Van. “That is the hidden cost that you don’t really see since you’re not working by the hour as a business owner.”


Being able to clone rosters week on week has significantly reduced the time spent writing rosters (meaning more time for creating some of the most delicious Vietnamese food in Western Australia).

“We just roll over the roster, make a few changes as needed and Bob’s your uncle,” says Marissa. “It is a lot easier. If we have made any mistakes we can just go over it and republish shifts.”

To meet the demand of their ever-growing popularity, Mama Tran’s has now opened an additional three locations – and Deputy has scaled with them to make sure they can keep running the most efficient rosters possible.

“Using multiple locations, you can’t accidentally roster staff in one location that are already rostered somewhere else,” says Marissa. “I can’t double up and roster the same person in two locations.”

Deputy’s communications ability has also become the ‘convenient’ replacement for all their internal team messaging.

“If they expect to hear from us, they know it will come from Deputy.” Says Marissa, before going on to explain how every new employee just downloads the app and through our ‘plug and play’ set up, they get the hang of it without needing any additional training.

But one of the best things for Marissa and Van?

“The support team is really, really good,” says Marissa, referring to our 24/7 support team. “When I have been in bed at midnight – or at any time of the day, I will literally get a helpful response in under two minutes.”

When we first started planning our $10,000 referral contest at Deputy, we were really excited – and also a little bit nervous – we’d never rolled out a contest at this scale before. While we had given plenty of thought to all the mechanics behind the contest and how we would go about awarding the monthly winner, something we never considered was how rewarding it would be for us to be able to give the prize away to such a deserving, hard-working family business.

There is still plenty of time to sign up to our contest and start referring any business that you think will love Deputy. To make sure you don’t miss out, check out our terms and conditions and sign up today!

While Van and his wife hadn’t yet decided what they will do with the $10,000, we can only hope that opening another Mama Tran restaurant near to Deputy HQ is on the cards!


Check out Mama Tran on:

Instagram | Facebook | Zomato

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Luke Targett
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