The Secret to Happy Staff During the Crazy Holiday Rush

by Katie Sawyer, 3 minutes read
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Christmas shopping. Holiday sales. Limited deals.

There are lots of reasons why consumers are frantic around the holidays. And when they’re out ready to shop, your team needs to be prepared.

Most retail and hospitality businesses thrive during the holidays. But to make sure you’re staying ahead of the competition, you need to have the right staff in place. And you need to make sure your staff is at their best.

Read on to learn the secret to keeping staff happy during the crazy holiday rush.

Employee experience is more important than you think

“We’ve only lost one employee in the past 12 months, which tells us our employees love coming in,” says Bobby Heuser, owner of Heuser Ace Hardware.

If you’re like Heuser Ace Hardware, you know that retaining the right staff is important, especially during the holidays. But do you know how important?

According to Gallup, an engaged workforce can create a 21% rise in productivity, up to 65% less turnover, and a 22% percent increase in profitability. That’s a pretty significant win-win.

Uber drivers and new delivery service people embody and entrepreneurial spirit, able to pick up work whenever they want. A few hours here, a few hours there. Shift workers are now able to build their own schedule — and demand freedom to do so.

So what can you do to improve the employee experience?

  • Enable your staff to easily swap shifts. With the right tools, employees who need to take time off can find a replacement on their own. This gives employees more control over their work, not to mention that it saves you time and headache during the crazy holiday rush.
  • Integrate your workforce management solution with your payroll. When you have an influx of seasonal staff working different hours, there’s no reason to stress about making sure they get paid on time. Integrate your payroll for faster payment — and happier employees.
  • Prioritize staffing and training. Using employee timesheet apps and time tracking software can save you time, increase your efficiency, and help you make better business decisions for the holiday rush.

Focus on fair employment

As competition for seasonal employees increases, many employers will increase hourly wages for temporary workers by as much as 8% this holiday period. Retailers looking for long-term solutions will explore opportunities to reduce non-labor costs, optimize scheduling, and boost workforce productivity and satisfaction to increase sales as well.

And with that, employers are focusing their attention on evolving employment laws.

Right now, employment laws are transforming how global businesses manage their people. Requirements differ across locations, but they can affect how early you need to post schedules, how you negotiate changes, how much rest you give staff between shifts, and when you pay compensation.

Why does it matter? Employees pay attention. When it comes to issues of legal compliance, workers are more tuned in than ever. If a business doesn’t keep up with current laws, it leads to viral tweets, widely shared (unflattering) YouTube videos, and negative reviews on Glassdoor. There goes your holiday cheer — and your dedicated staff.

Here are three easy tips to make compliance part of your every day business:

  • Enforce breaks. Use a workforce management solution that notifies the employee — and you — when the employee skips a required break.
  • Boost communication. Get your whole team to use one tool that ensures staff never misses important information. Share messages and documents on your company News Feed and get notified when they’re read.
  • Connect with an employment law lawyer. Talk to a legal professional to find out what else you can do to reduce the risk of unwanted overtime costs or premium payments.

Making your holidays a bit brighter

Whether you manage a large technology store or a chain of clothing stores, you probably have nightmares about preparing for the holidays. Screaming children, demanding parents, and tired staff.  There’s a reason why most business start prepping for the holidays early.

Check out this ebook to learn more tips to make your holiday staffing season easier.