5 Holiday Party Ideas Your Staff Will Actually Enjoy

by Katie Sawyer, 3 minutes read
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When you work in hospitality or retail, the holidays are your busiest time of year. The days might be great for sales — but they also bring a lot of stress.

Reward your staff with a much-deserved celebration for all their hard work. And to make it truly worthwhile, throw a party that they’ll actually enjoy attending. There are a lot of themes you can choose from, but here are five holiday party ideas your still will actually enjoy.

Holiday party idea #1: Shred some ice

Book your local ice rink, set up a hot chocolate buffet, and get out on the ice. Leaving your main place of work is a fun way to boost employee morale. Tip: Organize two separate events. If you book the rink during the weekday, you can get a better price and still have someone to work while your business is open.

Holiday party idea #2: Bring in the potluck

Looking for a cheap and fun way to get your team involved? Hold a potluck where everyone brings in a dish that celebrates their own tradition. It’s a fun way to experience each person’s tradition — and can be a great way to try something new.

Holiday party idea #3: Class it up

Whether you work in a coffee shop, a hardware store, or a pizza parlor, you still can host a simple yet elegant event. Encourage your team to dress up to switch it up from their regular work attire. You don’t have to have a live jazz band to keep it fancy. A playlist and speaker will do just fine. Bonus: Hold a charity raffle to take it up a notch.

Holiday party idea #4: Set up Santa’s workshop

Invite your employees to bring their whole family out for the fun. Set up booths around your shop. You can make a cookie decorating station, a booth for pinning the nose on Rudolph, or even a place to meet Santa. Bonus: Employees get and party and they don’t have to worry about finding a babysitter.

Holiday party idea #5: Mobilize the party

Divide your staff into sections. For example, in a restaurant, you might have the servers, cooks, and dishwashers, while a tech company might have HR, customer service, IT. Each section prepares one part of a meal and serves it at a decorated table. The entire office goes from space to space to enjoy the meal and good company. You might start with drinks in the kitchen, then move to IT for the soup, then HR for the main course, and customer service for dessert.

Tips to get your team into the spirit

Whatever the theme you choose to go with, you’ll find that the following additions make the party even better and help build company morale.

  • Set up a photo booth. You can either rent a booth or create one of your own. Add in some fun props like hats, tinsel, or oversized eyeglasses, and you have the setting for creating some fun memories.
  • Do a cookie swap. Have each employee bring a dozen cookies, whatever they like best. Then draw names out of a hat to see who gets each set of cookies.
  • Secret Santa letters. Instead of doing a gift swap, assign each person someone to write a letter to. This remains anonymous, but they should write at least five things they appreciate about the person. It’s a good way to give a little lift to someone’s life.
  • Offer door prizes. Everyone loves a prize, so have a few door prizes available and draw names throughout the party to give them away. These can be simple or large, depending on your budget, but it’s best to give away a few smaller prizes and one big one.

The gift that keeps on giving

Holiday parties should give your employees just one more reason to enjoy their job, but they’re not the only way to boost morale. If you really want to increase employee satisfaction and productivity, sign up for a free trial of Deputy to see how workforce management can change the work your team works.

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