Record accurate timesheets & attendance from any device

Achieve a new level of payroll accuracy and insight into team productivity.

The UK's leading time and attendance tracking software

Record staff hours with our app. Easily export timesheets to payroll.


Start and stop shifts from our app, creating a timesheet.


Easily review timesheets, verify the details, and approve.


Export timesheets to your payroll software with one click.

Time tracking has never been simpler

With our time clock app, your team can easily clock in and out of your workplace. It’s a brilliant way to streamline timesheets, keep track of who’s currently on shift, and make sure your team get the breaks they need.
Deputy UK's time tracking software

Timesheet software with all the essentials

Track time and attendance, get a clear picture of wage costs, and ensure HR compliance.

Time & attendance tracking

See who’s on shift and record their hours. Staff can clock in and out of work from any device, creating live updates and automatic timesheets.

Verified timesheets

Make sure employees are clocking in and out of the right locations. Our timesheet app can use a location stamp or facial recognition to verify timesheets.

Break planning

Manage HR compliance and keep your team at their best. Our timesheet app can alert you when employees take too short a break or miss it altogether.

Custom pay rates

Deputy calculates overtime, penalty rates, loadings, and salary costs with every shift according to your local laws or workplace agreements.

Time billing

Generate invoices based on staff hours and send them straight to your accounting software. Auto allocate rates, job codes, or employees per invoice line.


Dynamic reports help track and compare your schedule budgets, actual timesheet wages, sales transactions, and other essential data.

Much more than your
average timesheet app

View staff attendance and keep track of their time on shift, export timesheets to payroll with one tap, and manage team rotas. Anywhere, anytime.
Deputy UK's timesheet app
“We wanted a technology solution that could streamline our employee management operations. Deputy’s employee management tools, including the GPS-enabled time clock and payroll integration, helps us do just that.”

Dominic Shaughnessy
Executive Manager, Titan Global LLC, USA

“Staff clock into shifts on iPads in the back-of-house, delivering easy shift management, while staff sign-ins are verified by a photo ID check-in procedure. We are winning now because Deputy is helping us to manage staff costs.”

Giro Maurici
Founder, San Churro, Sydney AUS

A timesheet app that works with the UK's top payroll and POS systems

Link Deputy with your existing software to save time and optimise your business.

Frequently asked questions

What is an electronic timesheet?
An electronic timesheet is a streamlined version of a traditional timesheet, detailing when an employee started and ended their shift, the breaks they took, and their total hours. Modern electronic timesheets are created automatically when an employee clocks in and out of work via a time tracking app.
What is a timesheet management system?
A timesheet management system refers to software that makes the entire process of collecting and approving timesheets simple. A timesheet management system includes three core features: time tracking, attendance tracking, and timesheet collection.

Together, they enable managers to easily record staff attendance, capture how much time employees spend on shift, collect automatic timesheets for approval, and export timesheets to their payroll software with one tap.
How can I track my employee hours?
Time tracking software and apps offer an easy way to record accurate employee hours. An employee can clock in and out of work via the time tracking app on their phone, creating an automatic timesheet with their total hours and breaks. Those timesheets can be verified with a location stamp or a photo to show they clocked in to the right location.
How do you keep track of employee attendance?
Time and attendance tracking software is the easiest option for recording accurate staff attendance. An employee simply clocks in to work via the time tracking app on their phone and uses a GPS location stamp to verify their location, then does the same when they finish their shift. A manager can see when the employee has arrived at work, ready to go, and when they’ve clocked off for the day.
How do I capture an employee’s location?
With time and attendance tracking software, an employee can verify their location when they start and end work using a photo or a GPS location stamp. You can also see when team members start and end scheduled and unscheduled breaks.
So is Deputy a timesheet app, a time tracking app, or a time and attendance app?
All of the above! Deputy is a complete system for recording employee hours, capturing where they start and end shifts, and turning that information into accurate, automatic timesheets for approval.