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Hourly Employees? Easy Employee Scheduling and Time and Attendance (Clock In/Out)

What Is A Daily Workforce Schedule?

A daily workforce schedule offers the visibility, flexibility and control needed to manage a workforce on a day to day basis.

A daily schedule gives both managers and employees a clear breakdown of shifts, areas and locations. It ensures employees have a clear view of upcoming shifts and allows managers to make alterations and changes to shifts as required. A daily workforce schedule is used by most businesses that employ hourly employees and is especially useful for industries like hospitality,retail,construction and healthcare.

Time and attendance can be tracked against a daily schedule and used to process payroll of your workforce. Employee scheduling software can be used to automate the process of creating and managing schedules. This helps businesses streamline workforce management processes, increase visibility and save time. Tasking, time and attendance and workforce communication are additional tools offered by such platforms that complement scheduling tools and enable businesses to better align all workforce management functions.