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Hourly Employees? Easy Employee Scheduling and Time and Attendance (Clock In/Out)

What Is Event Employee Scheduling?

Event employee scheduling is a system where companies can schedule employees based upon a unique event. An example might be a wedding where a large number of people are needed to work the event. These people are generally part-time workers who are either assigned to shifts in order to work the event, or-in more advanced systems - can claim open shifts created by the event organizers. This type of event-driven scheduling lends itself well to a mobile workforce where people can monitor and claim available shifts via their mobile device at any time or location.
A good example of a business requiring event employee scheduling is a catering company where they might need five chefs, five bartenders and 20 wait staff. They will typically have many more than that number in their system as available. Once the date is booked, then the scheduling manager can send notifications out to their pool of potential qualified staff. If the person can work the event, they claim the shift and ideally lock in the shift so there is not any double-booking. When companies use a mobile app to send notices and employees use the same app to claim these events, the process is streamlined and everyone benefits.