Execute your sales plan and optimise labour cost

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Deputy + Shopify Work Together

Automate Sales Planning

Sync historical POS and online order history. Deputy projects future demand.

Create Schedules with Science

Forecast and labour modeller creates schedules that balance cost and customer service.

Delight & Retain Employees

Schedules are informed by staff preferences, providing work-life balance and a sales-ready workforce.

See how The Farmer and the Larder did it

Premium Pricing

Perfect for scheduling your staff against sales forecasts from Shopify, time tracking, and exporting to payroll.



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Trusted by 200,000+ companies worldwide

Andrew Mullholland

West Salem Ace Hardware

"We can easily do an entire month’s worth of scheduling for the entire store in about 20 minutes."

Dannielle Stone

Harvest Health

"Deputy has helped to reduce employee tardiness by 80%. Because our employees interact with the product, we know where they are and they show up on time."

Melissa Rudd

Da Vinci's Donuts

“Our employees enjoy the platform just as much as we do. They love that they faced little to no learning curve, and that they get updates in real-time.”


Sync Sales & Transaction History

POS and online orders are synced in real-time.

Project Future Demand

Using historical data, Deputy projects the future. Visualised over the schedule, labour plans are informed by science.

Create Optimised Labour Plans

Deputy’s labour model builder creates labour plans that are consistent across departments and stores.

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