Custom Awards Library

Updated on March 20, 2018

Deputy now contains a library of awards in which you can apply to your employees. Our library contains some of the common award rates, while more are tested and added into the system over time.

We’ve added these to help make scheduling easier. For more ways on how this can help your business, check out our blog here.

Getting Started

We currently export our Library Awards to the following payroll systems:

Please note that you can only export California Labor Laws, SLSA, and Standard Rates to Gusto.


Currently Available (as of March 20, 2018):

If the award you are looking for is not in our system, feel free to send it in via our Deputy Awards Suggestion Form.

How to Apply Awards to Employees

GIF: Apply Awards

Applying awards to your employees works the same way as adding pay rates. Simply navigate to the People page and click ‘Options’ on the employee you would like to add the award to. In the drop-down box, click ‘Edit’.

People: Edit

Scroll down the employee’s profile until you reach the ‘Pay Rates’ section. Click the Pay Rates drop-down for a full list of award rates.

Awards: Library

Simply enter in the employee’s ordinary rate and it will automatically populate the other fields.

Awards: Filled template

Remember to click ‘Save’ at the bottom to apply the rates to the employee.

Exporting Library Rates

When you export using our awards library, it is advised that you match the export code sent from Deputy to the matching pay item in the target payroll system (Xero, MYOB AR, MYOB). This allows you to re-use any pay items within your payroll system, avoiding any duplicate items.


Please remember to click ‘Save’ when making any changes to the Export Code.

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