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Creating And Using Deputy Extensions

Updated on March 27, 2017

Before You Start

Before you get started, you’ll need to be either a System Administrator or Location Manager. If you aren’t one, you won’t be able to access the relevant areas of the system. Please note, these are intended for intermediate users of Deputy. If you’re just starting up and still learning how it all works, we’d recommend taking a look at these once you’re comfortable with the system.

What Are Extensions And What Do They Do?

List of Extensions

Below you can find a list of our current extensions and a brief explanation of what they’ll do for you.

New employee > Add to all locations 

When you add a new employee to your account this extension will automatically add them to every location. This can be very handy for larger organizations with multiple locations such as construction businesses and mobile services. It’s all useful for labor hire and medical services.


Scheduled Shift > Auto Start

This will automatically start a timesheet if an employee is scheduled to work. Great for businesses that want to pay employees strictly based on scheduled hours that don’t need to record start time down the minute. As a note, this’ll also save you a step on approving unsubmitted timesheets, which can save you quite a bit of time when working with hundreds of timesheets.


Birthday today > Send Notification

This feature sends a notification to the manager or to the whole team via the Newsfeed when it’s someone’s birthday. This can be useful to notify a manager of a pay rate change.


Late to clock off > Send notification

When an employee forgets to clock off at the end of their scheduled shift they will receive a notification on their smartphone or desktop browser, reminding them to do so. This helps reduce accidental time theft and creates more accurate timesheets.


Clocking far way from location > Alert Manager

This extension will notify the manager who created the shift if an employee clocks on more than X distance from the workplace. The workplace location is based on the address given when setting up the location and the distance may be changed from inside the integration.


Late to clock on > Send Notification

Sometimes employees are late to work, or forget to clock in for their shift. Not any more! This feature will send a notification to employees and remind them that their shift is about to start.


Mandatory Break > Send Notification

This extension will allow you to send notifications to remind an employee that they need to take their break. The notification can be sent to either the employee, or to the rostering manger. You can also send the notification to both entities. You may also choose the timeframe in which to send the notification. These include ‘At 4 hours and 30 minutes since shift commencement’, ‘At half time’ and ‘At 5th hour mark’.


Un-filled Open Shift > Send Notification

Open Shifts are sent out to all appropriately trained and available employees. If a staff member does not take the shift the manager will receive a notification to let them know.


Upcoming Stress Schedule > Send Notification

As a timesheet can be altered from the original schedule, there may be instances where a schedule may cause an employee to exceed their set stress profile hours. An example of this is a worker under a study visa may only work 20 hours a week. If they are rostered for 20 hours, their timesheets may show that they have additional time on top of their scheduled hours. This extension will send out a notification in these instances.

New Deputy record > Webhook Call

NERDS ONLY: This extension will make a webhook call to your chosen destination based on the object chosen in the extension. You can set up multiple extensions for more objects if necessary. For a list of available records or for more information please take a look at our API Documentation.


Forgotten Timesheet > Send Notification

This extension will send a notification to a team member reminding them to submit a timesheet for their shift. This can be useful for industries such as labour hire or project management where you need to see time worked on given jobs, but don’t necessarily need your employees to clock on.


New Day > Reset Sales Budget

Deputy forecasts your average sales traffic based on historical data, however if on a particular week you predict a surge in your sales you can manually set your own budget. With this feature you can set your projected budget while not affecting the data that’s recorded. One way to think of this is looking forward at the budget you’ve set while looking back on true recorded data.


Scheduled Time of Day > Stop running shifts and start again

As a default setting, Deputy will automatically end any shift that has been going for a specific amount of time (23 hours) and will round up the hours. With this setting, you can set a time for all shifts to automatically end, rather than waiting for the time limit on shifts.


Split Timesheets > Split Timesheet by Roster

This feature is suited to businesses that have employees working across multiple areas or units, such as a large hotels with different bars and gaming areas. Instead of having to clock on at each area throughout a shift employees can clock on once when they begin a shift and again when they finish. Timesheets are automatically divided into the scheduled areas. As an example, if you schedule an employee for a shift working as a cleaner then they work in maintenance later the employee won’t need to clock off for each and it’ll be automatically split in two.


Expiring Training > Send Notification

In case of re-training, Deputy will allow you to set training module expiry dates. This extension will ensure that you are informed well before this set date, in the instance of having to scheduling training dates for employees. You can choose to send a notification to the employee, to the manager who created the training record, or to both. You can also select the specific training record to create a notification for. Finally, you can select when the notification will be sent out, from 7, 14, 30, 60 or 90 days before the expiry date.


Upcoming Shift > Send Notification

This extension will send a notification to your employees to remind them about upcoming shifts. You can set the notification to fire off from 15, 30 minutes or 45 minutes before the shift, or from 1 hour to 24 hours beforehand. For example, if you have a team member that is scheduled on a Monday at 9am, you can select the 24 hour option, which will send them a notification at 9am on the Sunday before the day of the shift.


How Do I Create Extensions?

Create Extension Animated

First, log into your Deputy account and visit your Home page. Next, click Locations at the top of your screen. Click “Edit Settings” next to the location you’d like to create the extension in.

Locations: Employer's Overview

Now please click “Add-ons” at the bottom of the list of options to the left then click “Select Services”. NOTE: If you do not see the screen below you already have existing integrations. After clicking “Integrations” you’ll see the list of your integrations. Just above the list and to the right you will see a button reading “Edit Services”. Please click that then follow the steps below.

Here please tick the box below Extensions then click “Continue”.

From here, please click “Activate” to the right of the extension you’d like to set up.

Deputy: Create Extensions
Deputy: Create Extensions

On the following screen you may be asked to select relevant options like who should be notified on a birthday. If this is the case you’ll see a dropdown box (like “Distance” in the below example) where you can set the data. Please do so, then click “Save” to create the extension.

Integrations: Save Extensions
Integrations: Save Extensions

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