Open Shifts

Updated on March 20, 2017

Before You Start

Before you get started, you’ll need to have added at least one employee to your organization. To receive an invitation for an open shift, your employees must have either an email address or a phone number attached to their account.

What Is An Open Shift?

An open shift allows a manager to offer the shift to any available and appropriately trained employee who works in the location. Creating an open shift will send an invitation via email or SMS to all recommended staff members, offering them the shift. The first employee to accept their invitation will be rostered to the shift, and any attempt by another staff member to accept a shift will be denied. This can be advantageous for a manager looking to rapidly fill a number of shifts, or to fill a particular shift as quickly as possible if an employee calls in sick with no warning. If you are instead looking to invite a number of particular employees to work a shift, you can use our “Find a Replacement” feature.

Creating An Open Shift

Creating an open shift is simple. First, please open the Schedule via your navigation bar at the top of the screen. Next, please either create a shift or select and edit an existing one. When you create or edit the shift, you will see the scheduling window, as shown below.

To set the shift to open, use the employee selector in the window and select “Open Shift”. The shift will then be offered to the appropriate employees. Non-recommended employees will have a yellow dot beneath their name, explaining why they are not recommended for the shift.  Next, please click “Save”. Finally, publish the shift when you are ready to send the invitations.

When publishing, you will have the option to send either an email, or an email and SMS. Sending an SMS will notify the employee that they should check their email for open shifts.The published open shift will appear on the roster with no name attached and “Open” clearly visible, as shown above.

Accepting An Invitation

Depending on your choice of publishing method, your employee will receive an invitation via:


The SMS will request that the employee check their emails to accept the open shift. Please see below for instructions on accepting the shift.


To accept the invitation, an employee must click “Claim” next to the available shift. Clicking this will take them to the confirmation page.


On the confirmation page, they must click “Claim” one more time to accept the shift. After clicking this, “Claim” will appear as “Confirmed”. On the roster, “Open” will change to a shift with the employee’s name attached, like a standard published shift.


On the iOS App, employees may go to the Me tab, then to “Available Shifts” to view any open or offered shifts. To claim one, they must first tap the shift to view the shift details as shown.

To claim the shift, the employee then needs to tap “Claim Shift”, after which it will appear with the rest of their shifts.

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