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Updated on July 18, 2017

Once you have logged into deputy you will be automatically directed to the Home screen of the website. To import Employees simply follow the instructions below.

  1. From the Home page select “Settings” which is situated at the top of the screen and looks like the image represented below. Deputy Enterprise: Navigation Bar Settings
  2. Once you click settings you will be directed to another page and on this page we want to focus on the box labeled “Templates & Schedules and in particular the option listed as “Schedule Templates”.Schedule Templates
  3. After clicking on “Schedule Templates” you will be taken to a further page that will list any current templates you have created as well as an option to create new ones.Schedule Templates View
  4. To create a new schedule template simply click “New Schedule Template“. After clicking “New Schedule Template” a page will be brought up that looks like the one displayed below. At this page you can now select the Name of the schedule as well as where the schedule will be implemented and other options as seen below.New Schedule Template
  5. Once you are happy with the schedule template just navigate towards the top left and select “Save This Schedule Template“. This will save the template so it can be put to use later. There are options for “Save and Next” and “Save and Duplicate” and these options mean that you can either save and create a new template from scratch or save and use the current information in a new template.Save Schedule Template
  6. To view or edit the addition that you have made options are available from the previous page. To view the changes you have just made simply click the the “magnifying glass“. view, edit and saveTo make further changes simply click the “pen writing on paper” and this will take you to an edit page.

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