The Big Shift:
U.S. Retail Report 2023
Data from 13 million hours worked by over 24,000 retail shift workers uncover employment trends and the support workers need. And hear from the economist behind the report in this on-demand webinar.

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  • Understand labor market trends to address challenges faced by retail workers.
  • Learn about the impact of work from home culture and generational changes on the retail workforce.
  • Make better decisions in favor of workers and your bottom line
The Big Shift US Retail Report 2023
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The Big Shift US Retail Report 2023

About this report

If you’re wondering what kind of worker support, resources, and tools businesses need to address the big changes that have occurred over the last 3 years look no further than findings from Deputy’s Big Shift: U.S. Retail Report 2023.

Deputy analyzed our database of 13 million hours worked by over 24,000 shift workers to uncover how the retail industry has changed in the three years since the pandemic began and how employers should adapt to these changes to thrive in a tight labor market.

Conducted in partnership with labor economist, Shashi Karu, the report analyzes current shift-equity trends like work from home, predictive scheduling laws, generational changes, and social mobile influence across the retail industry through the lens of gender, generation, and geography.


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