Improve Staffing Costs with Deputy & Talech

Deputy + Talech working together

Get Started in Minutes

Sync your exisitng employee details from Talech straight into Deputy for a quick and easy start.

Sync Real-Time Sales Data

Deputy will automatically import your sales data from Talech POS and use this to forecast future sales.

Schedule for Predicted Sales

Schedule employees inline with forecasted sales. Streamline staffing levels, optimize costs and improve customer service.

See How Jones Coffee Roasters did it

Premium Pricing

Perfect for creating staff schedules in line with sales forecasts from Talech.



per user / month (local taxes may apply)

All prices are in $USD

Trusted by 200,000+ companies worldwide

Karl Purdy

Coffee Angel

"Understanding how and when to staff to ensure excellent quality service has been made infinitely easier with Talech’s integration with Deputy."

Melissa Rudd

Da Vinci’s Donuts

“Our employees enjoy the platform just as much as we do. They love that they faced little to no learning curve, and that they get updates in real-time."

Jennifer Strain

Good Fortune Soap

“I work crazy hours, so it’s really great to log into Deputy and make sure all the shifts are covered and the store is running smoothly"


Track Spending

Deputy provides fully costed schedules, so you'll always know how much you're spending.

Sync Timesheets

Every time someone clocks in and out using Talech, Deputy automatically creates a timesheet for them.

Quickly Add New Staff

Employee details automatically sync between Talech and Deputy, so you'll only ever need to update them in one place.

How to connect

Find out how to connect Deputy and Talech.