With Over $4 Million in Class Action Suits in NYC, Is Your Business Prepared?

New York's "Fair Work Week" Went Into Effect November 26th, 2017.

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Each scheduling error can cost up to $500!

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Smart Trade Shifting

 As a requirement of the Fair Work Week, trading shifts between employees is easy BUT employees can only trade shifts with others that are trained, available, and won't exceed overtime or other compliance rules.

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Send Schedules Electronically

Publish employee schedules using text messaging, email and push notifications to instantly alert your team so they know exactly when and where there should be.


Monitor Penalties

Automatically detect and add Premiums (penalties) to the timecard for manager review and approval. Submit to payroll with a click.


Rapid Deployment

We can deploy to your employees and managers in a few days, eliminating exposure of non-compliance.

Incredibly Valuable Business Tool


"Perfect for scheduling, staff holidays, communications with the team & integrating with payroll to make life a heck of a lot easier."

Darrin Northey
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Our Staff Love It


"What I like most is what I never expected, that our staff LOVE it! They are engaged, use the messaging, love the task feature and appreciate the ability to provide input to their own schedule."

Michael Maj


Makes Everyone's Lives Easier


"I'd highly recommend Deputy to anyone who wants to add some structure to work without having to make a big effort. Deputy does make everyone's lives easier!"

Sissy Neubert
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Scheduling Only

For small businesses

Easy scheduling and team communication

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Create great schedules in minutes from any device
Publish schedules to your team via web, email, and iOS or Android apps
Communicate with your team using employee Newsfeeds and Task delegation
Unlimited 24/7 support

Perfect for most businesses

Quickly manage payroll and staff availabilities

per user / month
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Everything in Starter, plus:
Integrate your payroll platform and process timesheets with a single click
Track Time & Attendance with location-based Clock-In / Clock-Out, including biometric facial recognition
Integrate your POS so that you always have the right people on at the right time
Easily manage staff availabilities, leave, and quickly find replacements for open shifts

For large-scale operations

Powerful, customizable solutions at scale

per user / month
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Everything in Premium, plus:
Fully integrated Award Interpretation to ensure payroll compliance
Gain actionable insights with configurable Reporting and Analytics
Manage human capital with Location / Department level procedures, recurring task allocation, and training and certification tracking
Customizable roles, permissions and organizational structure

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