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Download this guide to learn what fast food and retail employers need to know about the NYC Fair Workweek Law passed on Nov. 26th, 2017.

NYC Fair Workweek

Topics Covered in This Guide

General Summary

A short definition and overview of the new Fair Workweek Law and how it came about. As well as contact info for NYC's Department of Consumer Affairs.


A summary of how fast food and retail are affected. As well as a breakdown of the premiums and records that are required to be kept by the law.


Quick tips on how can fast food and retail stores can manage these more complex regulations without obstructing their day to day operations. 

The NYC Fair Workweek requires big changes in how you schedule your employees.

"With predictive scheduling laws popping up all over the US, we believe it is imperative to use technology to not only ease the burden of these complex laws but also easily manage employee scheduling."

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NYC Fair Workweek

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What Employers Need to Know About New York’s Fair Workweek Law