Top 10 Things
Timesheet Software Can Do
That Excel Spreadsheets Can’t

Orange check mark-01.pngIt's Hard, but it Doesn't Have to Be
Creating schedules and tracking time for hourly paid employees is not an easy task. You must not only ensure the right qualified employee is scheduled at the right location, and that you've accurately tracked the time they have worked.


Orange check mark-01.pngOkay, it's Really Hard, but We Can Help
Couple this with constant shift changes and exporting timesheets to payroll and you may find yourself spending more time than you should on managing schedules and tracking time.

Orange check mark-01.pngThe eGuide Details
Employee scheduling and time & attendance software offer solutions that spreadsheets simply can’t match. Download your free eGuide now to learn 10 things scheduling and timesheet software can do that Excel can’t.