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POS Integration

Also called demand scheduling, using POS data, Deputy forecasts the future down to a 15 min increment to help the business predict when they will be busy to adjust staffing accordingly


Custom Pay Conditions

Deputy can handle any pay condition including overtime, meal and rest break violations, minors, union specific conditions, Fair Work Week, and any other federal, state, and/or local jurisdictional rule


Scheduling Rules

Including unavailability, leave, preferred days and times, training, already working, overtime rules, and other custom rules


Large and Multi-Location Businesses

When a business is large enough to have districts and regions, Deputy solves for the complexity domestically and internationally

Biometric Clock in/out

Low cost, easy to setup kiosk using any Android or iOS tablet

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Gaps Deputy Fills

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Jobcase focuses on helping workers who have occupations in the ONET 1-3 range – e.g. food service, healthcare, warehouse and logistics, delivery, retail, customer service, gigs, and trucking.

Expand Reach

A whole new worker audience at your fingertips


At any scale, promote jobs, campaigns or prgrammatic


Utilize insights that reveal worker motivations and optimize performance


Align with recruiting systems that they already use

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 Deputy is the ultimate, all-in-one workforce management solution that simplifies employee scheduling, timesheets, tasking, and communication.

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Jobcase is where the workers are. And we can help you hire them.

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