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HR Technologist: How Employers Can Manage The Perils of Always On Work Culture

HR Technologies - May 21, 2019

In a culture of 24/7 connectivity, the very notion of off-hours seems like a quaint relic of the distant past. But the cost of feeling always on the clock is severe. A company culture that disregards work-life balance puts its employees at risk of chronic stress, workplace burnout, depression, and insomnia. This article explores how to manage the perils of an “always on” culture.

What Your Restaurant Needs to Know About Expanded Overtime

Food Newsfeed - May 06, 2019

It’s arguably the best time in history to be an hourly worker. All around the world, there is a resurgence of laws and legislation dedicated to improving workers’ rights and conditions. From pending U.S. legislation to raise the federal minimum wage to the U.K.’s recent increase in the national minimum wage, governments are listening to workers’ calls for support and taking direct action.

The Top Tech Hires and Departures in Atlanta

Atlanta Inno - May 02, 2019

Atlanta-based Deputy, a provider of workforce management solutions, has hired a new CMO, Jennifer Shambroom. Shambroom has 18+ years of experience leading teams within tech startups, such as Lookout, Motricity, Payfone, Crittercism and YouAppi.

What You Need to Know About Predictive Scheduling and the Law

Business News Daily - May 01, 2019

In the hospitality industry, retail businesses and quick-service restaurants especially, on-call scheduling has been the norm, making it difficult for employees to anticipate pay, establish a healthy work-life balance or even determine the number of hours they are likely to work each week.

The Trust Crisis In The Business World

Forbes - Apr 30, 2019

Once upon a time, tech companies were freely given the benefit of the doubt. Millions of users eagerly handed over their personal information to tech behemoths like Facebook or Google in exchange for the privilege of using their platforms to share everything from political views to baby photos. Users opened up their lives in the name of creating a more connected world.

Ways to be more productive this year

PunchNg - Apr 23, 2019

When talking about their biggest challenges for 2019, many of the entrepreneurs I speak with say they are overwhelmed with the rapid pace at which business operates today. Today’s consumers have come to expect instant gratification, and they’re putting pressure on companies to make sure that they get what they want right now.

Why You Need to Invest in Your Marketers

CMS Wire - Apr 16, 2019

Marketers are at the mercy of their devices and their inboxes and have a tough time focusing. Half of them feel they are not worthy of their peers, and only half feel fulfilled as professionals.

The Survival Strategy For Retail Is Experience

Forbes - Apr 08, 2019

To make retail shopping a desirable event in today’s internet-driven culture, you must deliver on the promise that a visit to your store is less of an errand and more of an experience.

Retailers are beginning to understand that consumers are seeking more from a trip to the mall than a handoff of goods.

Headcount: The Latest Hirings, Firings, and Retirings

SDX Central - Apr 05, 2019

Here are some of the latest executive hirings, promotions, and staff changes. Workforce management software provider Deputy named Jennifer Shambroom as its chief marketing officer.

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