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How do you become one of Australia’s Richest Young People?

SBS Turkish Radio - Oct 25, 2019

The Australian Financial Review’s annual Young Rich List is out and, apart from meeting the age criteria for ‘young’, which is under 40, you have to be worth a lot of money.

2019 Young Rich List (Australia)

AFR Lists - Oct 25, 2019

The definitive list of our best and brightest next generation of entrepreneurs, aged 40 and younger. See who’s up, who’s down and meet the debutants in the Financial Review Young Rich list.

Young Rich List Wealth Almost Doubles to $41.2 Billion

The Australian Financial Review - Oct 25, 2019

The 100 wealthiest Australians aged 40 and under in 2019 have a collective $41.2 billion, on paper at least. That’s nearly double 2018’s $23.5 billion total, reflecting markets that have remained resilient in the face of trade wars and construction crises.

Predictive scheduling laws — meant to protect workers — appear to be working

HR Dive - Oct 17, 2019

Shift workers in the U.S. are scheduled for an average of 86.2 hours each month and work an average of 85.4 hours. During the first six months of 2019, employees’ hours worked exceeded hours scheduled only once. Deputy said this points to the effectiveness of new fair workweek laws and predictive scheduling regulations; “This potentially illustrates how well young labor compliance laws are working in a complex and tight U.S. labor system,” according to the report.

Resourceful retail: Changing for the future

Inside Retail - Oct 16, 2019

Trading channels and consumer profiles are changing at breakneck speed – and so are retail workforces. McKinsey Global Institute (MGI) research says automation will accelerate the shift in required workforce skills – seen over the past 15 years – with the strongest growth in demand driven by technological skills.

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Podcast: Deputy’s Journey to Serving 160,000+ Businesses

Spotify - Oct 13, 2019

This episode features Ashik Ahmed, CEO, CTO and Co-founder of OV portfolio company, Deputy. Find out how product led growth fueled their expansion into more than 100 countries and how flying inspired him to believe in this model. You’ll also find out how their growth team operates and the best business advice he’s ever received.

New data demystifies shift workers

Inside Retail - Oct 13, 2019

A recent analysis of Australian shift workers has revealed new insights into the demographics and experiences of hourly paid employees, who make up a growing portion of the overall workforce and account for a significant share of retail workers.

Ashik Ahmed Wins 2019 Pearcey Foundation NSW ICT Entrepreneur of the Year Award

Pearcey Foundation - Oct 13, 2019

The Pearcey Foundation today announced Ashik Ahmed, Co-Founder, CTO and CEO of Deputy as this year’s Pearcey NSW ICT Entrepreneur of the Year Award.

How to retain hourly workers, why women are leading in business and holiday trends this season.

Linkedin News - Oct 02, 2019

The future of work is one everyone’s mind these days. The gig economy is here to stay, people are concerned about how artificial intelligence will impact their industries and a tight labor market is changing the ways employers recruit and retain workers.

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