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Australian Tech Companies Pledge to Stop The Spread

Startup Daily - Mar 26, 2020

The leaders of some of Australia’s biggest tech companies, including Canva, Atlassian, Livetiles, Safety Culture and Deputy, have released a manifesto on how business should respond to novel coronavirus as the world faces a potentially massive health and economic crisis.

Tech Execs Urge #StopTheSpread

The Australian - Mar 26, 2020

Signatories to the letter so far include Atlassian co-CEO Scott Farquhar, NEXTDC boss Craig Scroggie, Deputy CEO Ashik Ahmed, Blackbird Ventures partners Rick Baker and Niki Scevak and Safety Culture CEO Luke Anear,

Post Pandemic, people will remember if you led using ego or empathy

Forbes - Mar 26, 2020

The world has never been as connected as it is today. Cloud computing, smartphones, and social media have changed how society interacts.

These changes have advanced our society for the most part. But there’s also a dark side to such intense 24/7 connectivity and it appears in the form of cyberbullying and cancel-culture.

Smart Retail; Turning your best customers into your best employees

Rethink Retail - Mar 26, 2020

One such retailer is Draper James: Founded in 2015 by actor/producer Reese Witherspoon, Draper James is a boutique women’s apparel retailer that radiates Southern charm. From the cups of sweet tea offered to shoppers upon entrance to the baby blue color palette reminiscent of a blooming springtime hydrangea, Draper James knows exactly who its customer is.

How to adjust your business to the new immigration policy

Catering Today - Mar 26, 2020

Last month the government announced a new immigration policy that provoked a big reaction from our industry. The impact of restricting so-called “lower-skilled” workers from the EU and elsewhere overseas …

How Nic Coulter went from Dishwasher to Restaurateur

MYOB Hospitality Rising Stars - Mar 06, 2020

Our experiences are our trademark, and our staff are incredibly important to the experiences we create.

Having MYOB, Single Touch Payroll, and Deputy makes sure they’re all paid correctly.

Trends Fueling Retail’s Brick & Mortar Digital Transformation

Independent Retailer - Mar 06, 2020

Technology is seeping into every aspect of the brick-and-mortar experience, from customer communications to workforce management, payments, in-store product personalization, and more. In fact, a solid digital transformation strategy is now standard to survive in today’s infamous and often overblown retail ‘apocalypse.’

Empowering Employees in the Changing Retail Landscape

Market Scale - Mar 05, 2020

Derek Jones, VP of Enterprise Strategy for Deputy, joins us to talk about the shifting dynamic in retail and how it’s impacting workers. The retail storefront has forever changed due to the explosion of ecommerce. With convenience and ease, shoppers haven’t completely abandoned brick and mortar stores, but the in-store experience has to evolve. This evolution includes how associates work and interact with customers.

Fostering workplace culture among part-time and shift workers

Inside Small Business - Mar 05, 2020

Australia’s workforce is changing. Part-time work has seen a steady rise over the past few decades and now represents a third of Australia’s total employment. Too often, organisations only take into account their full-time employees in their workplace culture strategy. This can lead to part-time and shift workers feeling undervalued and ultimately increase staff turnover. So, if nine-to-five is no longer necessarily the norm, how can we facilitate a great working culture for everyone, including part-time and shift workers?

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