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Keeping Aussie Businesses Together

Connect with our Aussie hospitality legends as they share their challenges, advice and silver linings for the industry

16 August 2021
1hr 20min

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Speakers presenting at the Keeping Aussie Businesses Together event

About this session

With constant and sporadic changes being made to how our hospitality industry is able to safely operate, businesses are feeling the pressure of an uncertain future like never before. We don’t have all the answers, but we know this is a time to make sure that our community feels connected — so we worked to bring together a stellar group of hospitality thought leaders, to share their advice on getting through the next few months, and provide insight on where we’ll start to see some positives from the pandemic.

Topics covered


Mental health in hospitality

Tips on preparing to support yourself and your team through the pandemic and beyond.


The power of community

From organising zoom calls to surveying on pick up, we share ideas to stay connected with your community.


Investing in yourself

We talk through different ways to ensure you're looking after your business's number one asset — you.

Meet some of the speakers

David Koch

Australian TV Presenter and Executive Chairman of Pinstripe Media

Jackie Middleton

Creative Director of EARL

Bianca Welsh

Co-owner and Restaurateur of Stillwater Restaurant, Seven Rooms and Black Cow Bistro

Shaun Christie-Davies

Co-Founder of Colombo Social