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The shift work manager's toolkit for 2021

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Shifting gears toolkit 2021

About this toolkit

Take control of the chaos with this toolkit for the shift work manager with tips to navigate 2021 with ease. With survey data from more than 1,400 shift workers and expert advice from industry leaders, this is your all-in-one guide to help you save time, increase business, and improve employee retention.

2020 changed the status quo for the hourly worker. Volatile shifts, uncertainty around job security, risk of infection from COVID-19. These everyday heroes wade through the unknown, supported by their leaders (you!). So what best practices emerged — and what trends can't you afford to ignore?

Shift work can be challenging for both employees and their managers. Shifts that conflict with spending time with family and friends, schedules changing at short notice, and insuring high-quality customer service when you and your team are stretched and working overtime. Now, COVID-19 has made shift work even more volatile for many and put pressure on your financial, mental, and physical health.

It's never been a more difficult time to be a manager, but we've got some tips to make sure you've got a people-first strategy in 2021. Get the toolkit to find out.

Inside the toolkit:


The 2020/21 State of Shift Work report

What’s top of mind for 1,400 shift workers — and the trends managers have been ignoring.


The Future of Shift Work Roundtable video

An on-demand roundtable with a panel of experts to discuss the shift work landscape in 2021 and beyond.


The 4 Leaders Share What Being a People-First Business Means in 2021 article

Quick tips from industry leaders on what it takes to create a world-class, people-first business.