The Power of the Digital Roster

Empower your team and streamline your processes by making your rosters digital this year.

Read the guide to learn:
  • How to manage your team more efficiently
  • How to improve productivity
  • How to simplify compliance with new labour laws

5 Key Business Benefits of Digital Rosters

This free guide will provide you with 5 key benefits of going digial with your rostering and why workforce management solutions drive better business outcomes

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We’ll dig deep into all the reasons why you should consider implementing digital rostering software into your business.

  • How workforce management can help you keep labour costs under control

  • Why technology such as this keeps compliance super simple

  • Learn from other businesses who have successfully implemented digital rostering

Join over 340,000 workplaces scheduling on Deputy.

600+ glowing reviews on Capterra

Smart rostering tools at your fingertips

An easy-to-use rostering app that supercharges business growth.

Reduce wage costs

Stay under budget with accurate insights on wage costs compared to sales. Sync your employees' pay rates directly from your payroll provider.

Manage fatigue & overtime

Avoid employee fatigue by setting a limit on how many hours they can work per day or week. Part-timers can also have rostered hours limited to avoid unnecessary overtime.

Simplify award compliance

Deputy can calculate employee overtime, penalty rates, loadings, and salary costs with every shift. It’s easy to set up according to modern awards.

Roster by qualifications

Always have the right person for the job. Roster staff according to their skills and training, whether it’s first aid, food preparation, or heavy machinery qualifications.

Cover leave & unavailability

Make it simple to manage leave and staff availability. Your team can independently request time off, while managers get clarity leave balances and who’s available to work.

Monitor attendance & breaks

See when staff arrive on site, take breaks, and leave for the day. Missed or unscheduled breaks are flagged so you can proactively manage compliance risks.

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