The Power of Collective Community

From opening a business 3 months before Covid hit, to serving up 80,000 meals to a community in need, listen as Shaun Christie-David shares tips to thrive in a pandemic

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The Power of Collective Community

Putting community into focus

It perhaps comes with the territory that running a social enterprise will have a strong focus on community, however as Shaun describes, community should be at the centre of any thriving hospitality business.

Listen as Shaun talks through the beginnings of Colombo Social, the importance of investing in community, and the silver linings of the pandemic.

Topics covered


The importance of human connection in hospitality


Investing in community growth as part of good business health


Silver linings of the pandemic for the hospitality industry

Meet the speaker

Shaun Christie-David

Co-Founder of Colombo Social and Plate It Forward initiative