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New things can be challenging and we're here to help. Deputy has 24/7 chat support always ready to help. If at any time you have questions, need a reminder, hit that chat button in the bottom right of the web browser and ask away.

First, we need to make sure your ADP® and Deputy are connected and synced correctly. Then we'll auto-invite any employees that weren't invited with the initial sync.

ADP® and Deputy

ADP and Deputy
ADP and Deputy

Connecting ADP® and Deputy

Deputy pulls in the following data from ADP® Run — email, phone number, gender, hire date, birthday, address, and pay type (salary, hourly, seasonal).

Setting up Deputy

Areas, locations, and your schedule

Let's set up your Deputy

Once your ADP® and Deputy have been connected correctly, you're ready to start building out your Deputy account. Deputy uses Locations and Areas. Locations can be a physical location, a job, or a project. Areas can be a role, function, or task. You can tailor these to meet the needs of your business.

Once locations and areas are set up, you'll be in a great position to build out your schedule and set up any other integrations your business may need.