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Hotel Masterclass: How to Make or Break Employee Retention

March 24
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About this webinar

Last year, millions of hourly employees quit their jobs in search of new opportunities. This year, businesses face an uphill battle to retain their employees amid staff shortages and heightened competition for talent.

So, what if you could uncover what motivates thousands of hospitality workers, what they want from businesses like yours, and how you can retain them for the long haul?

In our webinar, we’ll discuss findings from Deputy’s 2022 State of Shift Work Report and our recent survey of 3,000 hourly workers

Topics covered


Discover what motivates shift workers and what doesn’t


Learn how to foster a safer, healthier, happier workplace


Industry trends employers can’t ignore

Meet the speakers

Divya Balakrishnan - Deputy

Voice of Customer Researcher

Aaron Murdock - Hotel La Croix

Director of Revenue & Operations