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Back Office Minimalism

Streamline your admin tasks and give your business more of you

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Back Office Minimalism

About this webinar

It's the end of a pay period and you're gearing up for the grueling work ahead of you. Approving (and re-checking) timesheets. Manually running payroll. Entering employee onboarding forms by hand.

And if you're embracing the new world of remote work, you might have even needed to buy a printer to make copies.

Before you hit "purchase" on that next paper refill, think about what life could be like if you upgrade your tools to save time, money, and headaches on your back-office tasks.

Watch the webinar and learn how to:


Save nearly 40 hours every month (but who's counting?)


Streamlining your back-office HR, payroll, and timekeeping tasks


Choose the right technology and integrations - and ditch the rest

Meet the speakers

Kara Rajapakse

Kara Rajapakse - OnPay

Partner Development Team Lead

Derek Jones

Derek Jones - Deputy

VP of Enterprise Solutions

Savannah Costa

Savannah Costa - Deputy

Lead Partner Sales Representative