7 Tips to Prepare Your Business (and Staff) for Hazard Pay

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7 Tips to Prepare Your Business (and Staff) for Hazard Pay

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From wait staff to bartenders to kitchen aids, managers are struggling to fill open roles. And it's led to a nationwide labor shortage.

In December 2020, the United States Congress passed a $900 billion COVID relief bill to better help businesses, families, and individuals impacted by the global pandemic. In March 2021, another stimulus bill was passed.

Although these short-term measures bill will provide much-needed relief to millions of Americans, for many, it’s not enough. American consumers agree that front-line workers should receive some added benefit for the risk they’ve taken in keeping things in society afloat during a tumultuous time.

Can you afford to ignore this labor shortage?

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What hazard pay is — and why you shouldn't wait to implement it


Ways to build hazard pay into your business without having to pay out of pocket


How you can make little changes to benefit your staff in the short-term and the long-term

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