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  • Access Deputy from anywhere, on any device
  • Save yourself time and stress with intelligent scheduling
  • Improve your workplace communication
  • Take control by tracking employee performance
  • Save time with seamless payroll integration
  • Foster an accountable workforce with clever tasking
Deputy has a user-friendly interface and is simple and efficient to roll out across multiple sites. The customer service and support from Deputy is fantastic and extremely reliable.

Director of Gelato Messina

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Simple, intuitive, powerful

Deputy helps businesses unlock their potential and enables managers and employees to work in unison to create an easier work life. With a clean, modern interface, Deputy is incredibly easy to learn and integrate into your existing business practices.

Running your business should be this easy.

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Mobile access for managers and employees

Deputy's mobile apps let you see what's going on at your workplace even when you can't be there in person. For you, it’s the power to manage your business wherever you are. For your employees, it’s everything they need to stay organised.

Available now for iPhone and Android.

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Clock in, clock out

Got an iPad? Turn it into the world's best time and attendance tool. Deputy Kiosk provides complete self-service - every employee knows exactly what’s expected of them, and is up to date with the latest announcements.

With our in-built face-detection technology, we've set the new world standard in stopping time theft.

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Available now on the App Store
Approving time sheets, recording and managing staff performance, allocating tasks and communicating with our team are all very easy to do. In addition, our employees love using Deputy. They all have the Deputy App on their smartphones.

Co-founder of Mint Organics

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