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Our mobile apps let you see what's going on at your workplace even when you can't be there in person.

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Keep Track of Your Team

Depending on the status of your employees, perform certain actions such as finding replacements, assigning tasks and writing performance journals. Manage your whole team from your pocket.

  • Replace employees who call in sick or don't show up for work.
    Find replacements when employees call in sick or don't show up.
    Notify employees of free shifts just by tapping a button.
  • Easily add new employees in seconds.
    Add new employees to your workforce right from your phone.
    Import existing contacts straight into Deputy.
  • Write performance notes for employees in a private Journal.
    Make notes on employee performance with ease and convenience.
    Journal notes are only visible to other managers.
  • Keep your Profile information up to date no matter where you are.
    Quickly edit your employee profile on the go.


Start your shift, see future shifts, mark your unavailability and request leave, all from your phone.

  • Start a shift with Deputy's iPhone app, including the location it was started from.


    You're employees can start and end shifts right from their phones.

  • Check your upcoming shifts.


    See all of your upcoming shifts without the hassle of having to come to work.

  • Apply for leave and get notified when it has been approved.


    Employees can request leave in a way that's convenient for everyone.

  • Enter the hours you're unavailable to work.


    Your staff can let you know when they're not available, ensuring your rosters are always solid.


Stay in touch with your employees by posting announcements.

Post them to all your employees or choose to limit them to certain locations.

Make announcements straight from your phone. See a list of announcements.


Check tasks off as you complete them and assign tasks to your workmates.

Create new tasks for yourself or others. See what you've done today and what's left to do. Keep track of the tasks you've assigned out.
  • Create tasks for yourself or for your team mates.
  • See the tasks you've already completed.
  • Keep track of the tasks you've assigned to others.

No Apps? No Problem. Deputy also works right in your phone's web browser. Just visit Deputy like you normally would on your device running iOS, Android or Windows Mobile and you'll automatically see the mobile version of Deputy.

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