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An easier way to record employee attendance and work hours. Simple to set up, loved by staff.

Start your shift the easy way

Make it simple for staff to record their exact work hours and attendance. Our Time Clock and Kiosk apps allow your team members to clock in and out of work via an on-site iPad, Android tablet, computer, or phone.

Deputy US Time Clock App

Manage breaks like a boss

Make sure your employees get the downtime they need and protect your business from compliance risks. Our Time Clock and Kiosk apps ensure team members take the right breaks at the right times and will alert you when breaks are missed altogether.

Break Compliance Software from Deputy US

What is the Deputy Kiosk app?

The Deputy Kiosk for iPad combines the features of our Time Clock app for Android tablet with a bundle of other brilliant tools. This includes Deputy News Feed for communication and our task management feature to give your employees a clear picture of tasks they need to complete.

 Deputy US iPad Time Clock App

Communicate more effectively

Keep your employees in the loop. When your staff clock in via the Deputy Kiosk app, they’ll instantly see any important messages or documents you’ve shared with them on Deputy News Feed. Request a confirmation to make sure key information is received loud and clear.

Maximize efficiency

Workflow interruptions are a thing of the past with Deputy Kiosk. With our multi-tasking feature, employees can use the digital time clock to start and end shifts without closing the point of sale screen. Prioritize the app you need most with adjustable screen sizing.

Clock in Clock Out App America

Multi-language support

The Deputy Kiosk app supports nine of the most common languages, so we can support your diverse team wherever you are in the world.

Multi Language Time Clock Software

Leave management & availability

Make employee leave and availability as simple as it should be. Your staff can check their leave balances and send requests straight to their manager via Deputy Kiosk or their phones. It’s a huge time-saver and gives you a clear picture of staff availability when you create the weekly work schedule.

"When you’re working in a charity, you’re depending on people donating money. With Deputy, we can actually get our job done better so we can put more time and money where it’s really needed."

Ronelle Reid

Head of Marketing and Customer Experience, RSPCA Queensland

Facial recognition

Make sure staff are clocking in to the right locations. Our employee time clocks on iPad and Android tablet use facial recognition to verify attendance and work hours.

Kiosk works offline

No internet connection? No problem! The Deputy Kiosk app will save up to 24 hours of activity until you're back online.

Optimized for iOS & Android

We use the very latest technology from Apple and Android to deliver the fastest, most reliable experience on our employee time clock apps.

Frequently asked questions

What is a time clock system?
A modern time clock system refers to software that records when an employee starts and ends their shift, as well as any breaks they take. Where an employee once had to manually record their work hours, they can now clock in to work from any device, clock out of work with the same ease, and let the time clock software calculate their total hours and accurate wages.
What does ‘clock in’ and ‘clock out’ mean?
‘Clocking in’ and ‘clocking out’ simply means recording the time you started and ended work. In days gone by, this was done with a physical time card or paper timesheet, but now you can record your exact work hours digitally with time clock software or apps.
Which devices does your time clock software work on?
Our time clock software works on computers, phones, and tablets, providing multiple options for recording accurate work hours.
What’s the difference between Deputy Kiosk and your other time clock apps?
The Deputy Kiosk for iPad and the Deputy app for mobile come with the same fundamental features, while the Time Clock app for Android tablet has some significant differences.

Using Deputy Kiosk or the Deputy mobile app, staff can clock in and out of work, check Deputy News Feed, review tasks, and submit leave requests. The main difference is that the Kiosk app uses facial recognition to verify attendance, while the mobile app uses a GPS location stamp. Some businesses also prefer to use an iPad to ensure clock ins happen from one central location.

The Deputy Time Clock app for Android tablet, on the other hand, offers a more pared back version of the above apps. It’s the best option for American businesses that only need the essential time clock and break management features, without Deputy News Feed, task management, leave management, and other tools.
How does a time clock work?
Using a time clock app on mobile, tablet, or desktop is wonderfully simple. With a few clicks, an employee can clock in to work, start and end a break, or finish their shift for the day. To show they worked from the right location, an employee can verify their attendance with a photo on tablet or a GPS location stamp on mobile.

The time clock app sends live attendance updates to managers, showing who has arrived at work, who is on break, and who has left for the day. When an employee finishes their shift via the time clock app, an automatic timesheet is created with their total hours, breaks, and wage costs - which a manager can easily review and export to payroll.
How can I track my employees’ time?
Time clock apps and software offer the easiest way to record accurate employee hours. Your staff simply clock in and out of work via the digital time clock on their phone or a tablet that you’ve set up on site. Managers can see when and where employees have started and finished work, the breaks they took, and their total time on shift.
Do your time clock apps create automatic timesheets?
Yes. When an employee finishes their shift via Deputy time clock software, a timesheet is created automatically with their total hours, breaks, and wage costs. These timesheets are stored securely in Deputy for approval by managers, who can export them to their payroll software with one click.
How do you keep track of employee attendance?
A time clock app, which is part of a time and attendance tracking system, gives managers a clear picture of who has arrived at work, who is running late, who is on break, and who has finished for the day.

With Deputy, managers can see all this information from one simple online dashboard - with live updates as employees clock in and out of their shifts. And when an employee finishes their shift via our digital time clock, it creates an automatic timesheet and attendance record for fast, accurate payroll.