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Simplify meal and rest break scheduling and compliance

  • Easily schedule the right breaks for your team
  • Plan breaks & coverage to maintain quality service
  • Capture a record of compliance with your break laws
break planning made easy with Deputy software

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Reliable break planning and compliance software that’s easy to use

Break planning software that helps your business run smoothly

The right breaks, at the right times with Deputy break management software

Multi-break scheduling

The right breaks, at the right times

Schedule multiple breaks or different break types in one shift, set start and end times, and get it done quickly with Deputy’s simple interface.

Maintain coverage & high-quality service with Deputy software

Break planning

Maintain coverage & high-quality service

Keep your team rested — without sacrificing service. Use our visual break planner to prevent meal or rest break overlaps and ensure optimal coverage throughout the day.

On-site break enforcement to remain compliant with Deputy software

On-site break enforcement

Feel confident in your team’s break compliance

On-site break management helps ensure staff only take the right breaks, at the right times — and don’t return to work too early. And if a break is missed altogether, we’ll flag it for your attention.

Simplify compliance with complex break laws

Break templates

Simplify compliance with complex break laws

For businesses in states with strict break laws, our library of pre-created shift templates provides a guide to the breaks required for each shift.

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Frequently asked questions

  • How do you keep track of employee breaks?

    Employers need to determine how to keep track of employee breaks whether they are paid or unpaid. Tracking manually in spreadsheets or break room board may not be the most scalable option. Scheduling software can track employee breaks so companies can ensure they are planned and in compliance with break laws.

  • How many meal and rest breaks should be in an 8 hour shift?

    Most employers offer at least a 30-minute, unpaid lunch break during an 8 hour shift. It is also very common for employees to take small, 5 to 10 minute, rest breaks around every 4 hours. These small rest breaks are usually do not require staff to be clocked out, but this can vary based on company policy. Another important note is each state has different rules and legal requirements for meal and rest breaks.

  • What employee breaks are required by law?

    Employee breaks required by law vary from state to state, but federally there is no mandate on meal or rest breaks. For example, California requires a 30-minute meal break for every 5 hours worked and a 10-minute rest break for every 4 hours worked. Alternatively, Arizona has no legal requirements for employee breaks. As best practice, organizations should offer meal and rest breaks and proactively communicate that policy to their staff.

  • Do you have a break schedule template?

    Many local areas require strict break laws for businesses. Deputy offers an extensive library of pre-created shift templates that provide a guide to the breaks required for each shift with a focus on businesses that employ shift-based employees.

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