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Make shift swapping & trading easier

Spend less of your time managing shift changes and swaps.

  • Find staff to cover empty shifts with one tap
  • Make it simple for your team to trade shifts
  • Ensure every swap is within budget & compliant with workplace rules
Swap shift easily with Deputy scheduling software

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Manage shift changes quickly and efficiently

Shift swapping tools that ensure the right staff are scheduled

Fill shift easily with Deputy scheduling software

Smart employee filters

Fill every shift with the right people

When a manager needs someone to cover a shift, or an employee wants to swap, the Deputy app will serve up suitable employees who are available, qualified, and cost-efficient. Send offers with one tap and keep every shift covered.

Keep track of compliance

Shift trading guardrails

Ensure shift swaps are compliant with your rules

Feel confident that every shift swap complies with training requirements or maximum permitted hours. Deputy can block staff from swapping shifts if it would attract unwanted overtime or cause other compliance issues.

Schedule to budget easily with Deputy

Track costs

Keep every shift swap within budget

Before you approve a shift trade, see how much it will cost or save your business. Ensure shift swaps keep your team within your wage budget.

Manage schedule last-minute change from your mobile phone

Fast onboarding

Get started in minutes on your device of choice

The Deputy app is simple to pick up and helps managers and staff make faster, smarter work decisions. Keep track of who’s on shift, make sure you have the right coverage across the week, and send the latest updates straight to your team.

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Frequently asked questions

  • What is shift swapping?

    Shift swapping allows a team member to request one or more of their qualified colleagues to work one of their shifts and, in exchange, work one of their colleague's future scheduled shifts. This practice may require manager approval or can be approved automatically, which helps reduce administrative cost and improve employee flexibility.

  • How do you set up shift swapping?

    In the Deputy platform, managers and admin are able to create a set of rules that allow teams to see all scheduled shifts and submit requests for shift swapping. For easy access and team communication, this can be done on desktop or mobile app.

  • How to create a shift swapping policy?

    While shift swapping is not legally required, it offers employees flexibility and can avoid no-shows. A good shift swapping policy requires you to share the schedule in advance so employees can look ahead at their schedules and plan accordingly. Specifying approval parameters will allow your staff to create work-life balance while having a process that is easy to manage and enforce.

  • Why should a business allow shift swapping?

    To ensure tighter shift coverage, allowing staff to swap shifts or find another team member to cover their scheduled shift is a great option. This means employees have more control over their schedule and also alleviates admin time for managers trying to cover last minute call outs or no-shows.

  • What is the best shift swapping process?

    It's important to have a well defined and communicated shift swapping process so there is no confusion among team expectations. Many organizations require manager approval to trade shifts, although auto approval can speed up the process and remove any roadblocks to coverage.

    Additionally, setting timelines that cutoff employees from requesting a shift swap too close to their scheduled shift is recommended as it's unlikely it will be picked up by another team member.

  • How do you swap shifts in Deputy?

    In Deputy you can swap shifts by enabling the Shift Swap/Offer functionality on desktop and mobile app. This has to be configured in the settings and is customizable per location if preferred.

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