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Mobile performance management and employee engagement

Manage team performance from your mobile easily with Deputy

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Manage performance on mobile & celebrate achievement

Record employee performance from any of your devices, celebrate high-performers on Deputy News feed, and reach out to staff who are struggling.

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Employee engagement

Improve employee experience

Keep a pulse on how your team is feeling. When staff clock off their shift, they can rate how they felt, and have the option to provide feedback. Managers can instantly access this information so they can take action.

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Frequently asked questions

  • What is performance management software?

    Performance management software enables easy tracking of employee performance over time. You can record when an employee excels or underperforms from any device as well as report on attendance and morale, all in one place.

  • How do you handle performance management for your team?

    Team performance management will be unique to every manager, but some techniques that we've found beneficial include prioritizing engagement through regular mini-meetings, encouraging self-assessments, and conducting 360 reviews so that employees can receive feedback from their peers, not just superiors.

  • What should a good performance management system include?

    A good performance management system will have some standard capabilities that focus on easy, accurate tracking of employee performance, including instances where an employee went above and beyond and when they underperformed. It should also have clear metrics for tracking performance as well as custom reporting.

  • How can you improve team engagement?

    Some best practices that we trust for improving team engagement include: leading with transparency, recognizing employee contributions and accomplishments, and fostering collaboration.

  • What are the best ways to evaluate employee performance?

    While many methods may help depending on the workplace environment, some helpful best practices for evaluating employee performance include maintaining accurate records of an individual employee's excellent or sub-par performance, attendance tracking, peer reviews, and diligent goal setting.

  • Why is performance management important for employee engagement?

    Performance management can help with employee engagement by setting fair standards between and employee and employer, where the metrics for success are clear. Employees feel more empowered to do their best work when they have a strong idea of what's expected of them and the standards by which they'll be judged.

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