Deputy is the ultimate employee management solution for
 hourly paid and shift based workers.

Fully Costed Employee Schedules

Want to start creating perfect rosters in minutes? With drag and drop roster building, getting started with us is easy. Set your preferences (by age, experience or wage cost), keep track of employee qualifications and training, and manage employee fatigue and overtime from one central location.

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Time Clock & Attendance

Say goodbye to messy paper timesheets! As your digital time clock, employees can clock in and out from their smartphones, while our geolocation capture will confirm that all your employees are exactly where they should be.

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From taking the bins out to remembering to lock up, there are some tasks that can’t afford to be missed. Give employees visibility over their daily jobs and responsibilities with our tasking feature. Whether assigned to individuals or the entire team, you can make sure all important tasks are taken care of.

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Workplace Communication

With our newsfeed feature, it’s easy to keep everybody in the loop. Share important messages, start a conversation, and provide key updates that require read confirmation upon viewing. With our app on your smartphone,

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On site clock-in

Our Kiosk app can be used for clock in and out, using facial recognition technology to accurately capture all employees on site. At the end of each shift, timesheets are submitted automatically, with the option for auto-approval based on rostered time.

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Performance Management

It’s important to recognise your high performers. Use Journaling to keep a record of how your employees are tracking, and identify your top team members as well as some that might require some extra training.

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Find Replacement and Shift Swapping

Never do the ring around again with our advanced Shift Swapping feature. If an employee can’t make their shift, it can be opened up to everyone in the team or a select group. Employees can claim the shift on a first come, first serve basis.

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Payroll Integration

Paying employees shouldn’t be a hassle. By syncing your payroll provider with your Deputy account, timesheets can be easily and quickly pushed through to payroll, ensuring employees are paid accurately and on time, every single time.

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Award Interpretation

Stay Fair Work compliant with industry awards. We've pre-built the most common awards into our product. We'll calculate penalty rates, shift loading, allowances and overtime, giving you peace of mind when it comes to compliance.

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