Meal and rest break compliance

Free your business from the worries of break compliance and coverage.

Meal and rest break compliance made simple

Multi-break scheduling

Schedule multiple breaks, both paid and unpaid, in a single shift.

On-site break management

Enhanced employee break management with custom break enforcement and attestation.

Break tracking

All break details are captured in Deputy, providing an accessible, ongoing record.

Multi-break scheduling, the easy way

Schedule multiple breaks and break types in a single shift, including meal (unpaid) and rest (paid) breaks with specific start and end times.

Don't leave coverage to chance

With our visual break planner any break overlaps or gaps are easily avoided, ensuring optimum coverage throughout the day.

Custom break enforcement

On-site break management and early clock-in prevention helps to ensure employees only take breaks when eligible, and don’t start a shift or return from break early.

Our happy customers

Break templates

For businesses in areas with strict break laws, our library of pre-created shift templates provides a guide to the breaks required for each shift.

Proactive risk management

Receive timesheet flags any time an employee takes a short break or misses their break all together, so you can proactively manage unexpected compliance risk.

To-the-minute tracking

All break details, including start and stop times are tracked and recorded in Deputy, should you ever need attestation records, even years down the track.